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There cannot be a more exotic destination than Cape Town! Well known for its fauna and flora, Cape Town has fast become a multicultural and diverse City that will leave anyone breathless! The cultural remains of the Dutch and the British colonialists turned Cape Town into a popular tourist destination. Tourists are impressed with the natural beauty, history and with the newly awakened South African global community!

About us

English in Africa agency has been established with the primary purpose of assisting and placing international students at English Language schools. We provide an excellent service to students by assisting students to succeed in the international community. We also identify the needs of cultivating a global community by fostering the well being of all our students. We have selected Partner schools that must provide high quality facilities, an excellent academic environment and appropriate accommodation for our students. Our partner schools are well established, internationally recognised and accredited by reputed national and international bodies.

Why learn English in Africa?

South Africa is a beautiful country with great weather, world-class facilities and natural beauty. It is often referred to as the Rainbow Nation as it is made up of diverse, colourful and unique cultures that are celebrated and that come together as one nation. When you come to South Africa and register for an English as a Foreign Language course, you will be exposed to our rich culture and heritage. Learning to speak English in South Africa will also provide you with an opportunity to visit some of our legendary attractions such as the Kruger National Park, Cradle of Humankind, Sun City, Table Mountain in Cape Town, to mention a few. As you set off on your adventures you can practise the English that you have learned.


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